Our Journey

The Pelatis Voyage

As humble beginnings go, the Pelatis Ship set sail with its micro-crew back in 2003 as part of the FAO Group (specialized in personalization of Credit Cards & Banking products) under the guidance of Mr.Narayanan. His four decade long intense business know-how coupled with the vanguard and fervent outlook of Mr. Dwarakanath and Mr. Prasanna Venkatesh, has helped generate the needed velocity and momentum to propel Pelatis beyond all challenges into the realm of possibilities and creative solutions

Here and Now, the journey has progressed and evolved to subsume diverse international clientele, multiple offices in major cities across the country and a stupendously skilled workforce that passionately churns out innovative solutions to stay at the top of the recruitment food-chain with a 32 percent CAGR.

What lies ahead, for Pelatis is a perennially transforming hiring environment with sky-high demands and harsh competition. Technological advancements have changed the face of hiring and will continue to do so in the future. With that mantra constantly playing in our minds, the Pelatis paradigm looks to:


  • Customize hiring solutions in accordance with the changing technological advancements.
  • Continuously build a highly diversified and unique talent pool by way of pioneering skill identification and assimilation methods.
  • Ensure a hiring process that is as efficient, quick and cost-effective for the employer as it is smooth and uncomplicated for the job seeker.
  • Hit near-perfect score of Hiring Manager and Candidate Satisfaction Rate amongst the byzantine demands of today.

Uniquely Pelatis

Every success story is sure to have an interesting twist that makes it inimitable. So, what makes us Uniquely Pelatis?

  • Assured Talent Retention with a customized, conscientious, coherent, microscopic and overarching approach to hiring that enhances candidate compatibility.
  • Swift TAT via a kaleidoscope of hiring sources and methods.
  • A highly scalable, vanguard-model hiring to ensure adaptability to changing hiring needs.
  • Optimizing the demand-supply gap with rigorous talent-inventory enhancement through industry and skill focussed teams.
  • Multi-layered vetting methodology for greater talent quality and compatibility, trimming down resources (human, cost and time) invested.

To learn more on customized solutions for write to us info@pelatisconsulting.com

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Our Global Associates (Portfolio)

Diverse verticals with equally diverse hiring needs and organizational cultures, Pelatis is proud to be an unvarying, reliable and valuable hiring solutions partner to our clients across the globe.

The Crew

A spotlight on the Core Team and Management

Taking Diversity hiring to the next level, the highly motivated, empowered and passionate Women-majority workforce have, with the present success rate and multi-layered experience, proven to be a force to reckon with. At the helm is the triad:

Narayanan, Group CEO

As the cornerstone of the organization and the triad, Narayanan is a visionary leader boasting a four decade long experience in leading best in class Management and Banking initiatives. His domain expertise in Banking solutions and the associated industries along with intense management acumen has given Pelatis a strong edge in the cut-throat environment that is Recruitment.

Dwarak, Managing Director

As an IIM alumnus with a strong Engineering background, Dwarak brings to the table the perfect mix of technical and managerial know-how to tackle the highly dynamic and challenging recruitment industry.

Our Clients