A quick time, contingency hiring solution to meet large scale emergency talent needs for temporary and / long term projects within a much shorter hiring timeframe.

A vast majority of organizations, though in possession of a recruitment wing, benefit from the support of specialist recruitment agencies like Pelatis to aid in the fulfilment of large scale hiring needs during significant upturns in future project forecasts.

upSCALE is a service fashioned to cater to large scale, project based(short or long term) mass-market hiring with a significantly shorter TAT. Organizations, regardless of the size, can benefit from our exponentially large database and multiple sourcing techniques coupled with the presence of vertical and skill-specific hiring experts at Pelatis to close the demand – supply gap by a sizeable margin.

The Pelatis Edge

  • The substantial scale of the talent DB in possession of Pelatis and the multi-source approach to large scale hiring; will help ensure the closure of demands in a significantly lesser time frame.
  • Specialist, vertical-based hiring teams ensure laser sharp focus on candidate quality and compatibility with the organization to avoid wastage of resources.
  • The service is not only limited to the filling of generic and lower-hierarchical positions but is also extended to specialized roles at different hierarchical levels.
  • Real-time data intelligence reports will help narrow the scope of availability of talents, thereby reducing the search zone while improving quality of hire.

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A meticulously focussed project and domain specific hiring solution.

One of the easiest yet effective ways to bring that competitive edge to an organization’s products and services is the hiring and retention of exceptional talents. Companies with an already existing niche product and service line also need to find for themselves those talents that have the skills and capacity to understand the essence of their innovations thereby enhancing the chances of designing new avenues for the organization in the future.

upPRO is a hiring solution designed to guarantee quality executive and niche skill hires together with a higher ratio of retention. A dedicated team of industry and niche skill specialists with an expansive skill-specific database of active and passive talents along with ethos and culture compatibility experts ensure a quick and hassle free hiring process with no quality compromise at any point.

The Pelatis Edge

  • A detailed scope, skill and culture requisition presentation that ensures accurate comprehension of the client requirements, is provided to every team member.
  • Specific skill and domain experts are assigned to parallel the demands.
  • Vetting is intense to ensure quality and compatibility, thereby enhancing the chances of hitting the bull’s eye the very first time.
  • A thorough candidate follow-up mechanism also ensures long term retention of the talent.
  • Daily reports of progress help teams on both sides stay on the same page while a regular and detailed data intelligence update on market trends help in reducing the search time by a significant margin.

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An on-demand hiring assistance for specific modules of your hiring process.

The global business environment as such is a highly volatile and kinetic one but there are certain enterprises that operate on an even higher degree of volatility with crests and troughs being an everyday norm rather than an exception. Unforeseen peaks in business demands have a direct impact on human capital requirements.

upSTAGE, as a service, has been designed to provide such organizations an in-house or remote, adaptable and open-ended recruitment assistance for specific modules or stages of their hiring processes with the option of delinking the same once the requisite demands are fulfilled. upSTAGE can be utilised as an organic extension of an existing recruitment programme for specific modules during hiring spikes or as a continuous engagement for certain individual modules over a period of time.

The Pelatis Edge

  • Quickens the hiring process thereby alleviating costs, time and other valuable resources spent on closing peaking demands.
  • Helps effective utilization and engagement of in-house recruiters by delegating specific stages to our recruiters with the necessary know-how.
  • Helps enhance quality of hire through utilization of industry and domain specific recruiters and providing access to an existing passive and active pool of candidates.
  • Real-time data intelligence reports to augment knowledge on talent availability and retention through the various stages of hiring.

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An Executive hiring solution laser focussed on hiring transformational leaders for our clients..

Organizations with a global / national presence often encounter challenges in guiding the local talents to parallel the productivity and skill demands as well as their cultural ethos and global outlook. The need therefore is to not only create a team but to identify a transformational leader with an intense knowledge of verticals and hierarchies, a strong network of skills and the capacity to provide solutions that are scalable to the vagaries of business.

upEXEC is an executive hiring solution drafted to facilitate the smooth closure of leadership hiring demands by way of a strong and quick access, executive talent network.


The Pelatis Edge

  • With an inside knowledge on the workings and requirements of the organization, the upEXEC team blends-in to flawlessly understand specific skill demands.
  • With an internal presence, unintentional information blurring is effectively avoided which in turn enhances the quality of the hiring process as a whole.
  • Scalability is improved with the availability of a larger recruitment team during peak demands.
  • A notably larger range of talent database and network ensures quicker closure of emergency needs with zero compromise on quality.
  • At the event of unavailability of the in-house team, the hiring demands will still be met with speedy TAT.

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An all-inclusive Enterprise-RPO-solutions package encompassing the entire gamut of the Talent Acquisition process.

Organizations with an enormous presence across the globe sometimes lack requisite resources locally to cater to huge hiring demands that might or might not be consistent. Similarly small and medium organizations with robust growth prospects that do not yet hold the necessary resources to meet the talent-demand-supply gap, benefit hugely from an Enterprise RPO solution.

The upSOLUTE as the name suggests, is an all-inclusive, broad Enterprise RPO solution for companies of varying sizes and demands. This package serves to replace the in-house recruitment team by taking up the entire gamut of the talent acquisition process.

The Pelatis Edge

  • Delegation of the entire TA process means that Pelatis takes absolute responsibility of Employer branding thereby increasing brand visibility, boosting candidate responses which will in-turn cut the hiring time by a significant percentage.
  • Reduction of cost-per-hire is a given considering there is a significant dip in the investment of time and resources.
  • Scalability and adaptability to varying demands ensures a consistency in quality of hire and TAT.
  • Our streamlined process with teams dedicated to specific management levels, verticals, skills and locations also improves the quality of hire.
  • With an intense knowledge of the organization, Pelatis gives candidates a smooth, glitch-free hiring process along with a thorough compatibility analysis to augment retention.
  • Systematic candidate experience assessments ensure a refined recruitment process.
  • A meticulously drafted data intelligence process keeps a check on talent availability to reduce TAT.
  • In case of a medium or small scale organization with an already overburdened HR team, this solution will help alleviate the weight and also improve the quality of hire.

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