Impediments to Chatbots in Recruitment Industry

A “Recruitment Chatbot” is Software which use uses Artificial Intelligence technology to decipher a candidate’s messages and programmed to respond accordingly.

Interest in chatbots is increasing due to the benefits they offer to both recruiters and candidates in terms of 1) Handling large number of applications. 2) Lead time to screen the candidates 3) Standardized Communication process to all candidates 4) Eliminate Junk and 5) Fasten the recruitment process.

However there are multiple impediments currently to the successful implementation of chatbots in Recruitment industry.  Some of the major challenges in using Chatbots are

  • Communication Standardization : Every written communication needs “Standardization of the Language” in order to ensure that information which is provided is professional between the employer and the candidate  and well understood by both of them.
  • Slangs and Short forms : With the advent of Short messaging formats all of us have different ways of texting (Including Short forms, different slangs and emoticons) It still remains a challenge to know whether chatbots can effectively utilize its knowledge gained from previous interactions or refer the conversation over to a recruiter when it gets stuck with different styles of communication
  • Humanness: Some Human Resources professionals still feel that using chatbots leads to more of Robotic experiences for the candidates and these could create poor image for the recruiting organization. The other school of thought is that we need not create chatbots which will act as human.  If we could create experiences which display some elements of personal touch to the candidate and still be efficient in the overall objective, it could be the perfect system.
  • Scale : When the recruitment volume goes up, whether organizations would be in a position to scale up the investment to satisfy all stake holders is a big question mark, as it involves deployment of additional investment and processes.

These are some of the impediment of chatbots in the recruitment industry. But there are multiple advantages of using chatbots which would be detailed in our next blog.

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